• The Film Big Pharma Doesn't Want You to See!!
    an investigative documentary exploring the world of "Medical Cannabis",
    its origins and and claims to curing cancer.
    Searching for the Cure, will use your gift, however big or small,
    to continue providing state of the art cancer patient services.
    If Cannabis Holds the Secrets to Curing Cancer,
    Its Crucial that Research be Allowed and Continues with Your Support.
    The Foundation - SearchingForTheCure
    Know that your Gift will make a difference
    in the lives of people affected by cancer.
  • 1,500 People a Day Lose Their Battle to Cancer
    Thousands of people have cured themselves of Cancer using Cannabis.
    Help us Provide Patients with an Alternative Treatment.

Searching For The Cure

Welcome to the home of Searching For The Cure Foundation, a coalition of cannabis patients, community leaders and professionals who share the common vision of eliminating cancer through cannabis therapy and treatment.

Our Mission

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


Our History

Meet Cannabis Cancer Survivor and Founder shares his story using cannabis oil to combat cancer


New Fundraiser

Around the World in 45 Days. Visit 6 countries supporting cannabis research along with clinical trials and studies. Help Us Finish our Film


Latest News

Nov 26, 2016

New Website, Lots of interactive content, Success Stories, Resources, Food Guides and much more!!! READ MORE

June 4, 2016

New Crowdfunding Campaign Around the World in 45 Days..READ MORE

June 1, 2016

Need incentive items for our $50k Crowdfunding Campaign. READ MORE

May 4, 2016

SFTC goes with an “Old World” theme for their New Crowdfunding Campaign READ MORE

April 23, 2016

Today we started the paperwork with becoming a non-profit 501c3
"Searching for the Cure Foundation". READ MORE

PROJECT Spotlight

Make an Impact with our Feature Documentary currently
in production by becoming a Sponsorhsip Partner

Searching For The Cure Documentary

A Documentary Big Pharma doesn't want you to see!

  • Our Feature Documentary following Real People in Real Time

  • In depth look into the Medical Cannabis Industry and Lifestyle

  • Stories of Clinical Trials and Research from Around the World.

  • Celebrity Advocates discuss the need for Legalization and Research


Our Mission, as a newly formed nonprofit, is education, advocacy and compassionate support for cancer patients and their families. Your gift and support makes an IMPACT for Research, Cancer Patient Services, and our Educational and Awareness Programs.

What we can do?

LATEST Projects

Donate to Searching For The Cure Foundation and know that your gift will make a difference in the lives of people and their families affected by cancer?

Cannabis Research
Time to understand Medical Cannabis, having firsthand knowledge with its potential for curing cancers. Researchers around the World are making groundbreaking discoveries with alternative treatments using medical cannabis leading to more effective cancer therapies for patients as well as administration methods alleviating "THE HIGH" the psychoactive effects
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Patient Services
Medical Cannabis Programs along with our support services benefits cancer patients and families providing access to quality alternative medicinal treatments, diatary and nutritional guidelines, counseling and most of all, compassion, having results leading to successful alternative treatment utilizing medicinal cannabis giving those patients and families peace of mind.
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Our feature documentary paved the road for us to continue on this journey, visualizing as patients first, there being a real need for education led to the development of the Foundation. Our documentary series, educates as well as providing awareness thru objective journalism following real people sharing real life stories creating a positive message.
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We know the IMPORTANCE of using the proper alternative treatment for your fight with cancer, now having the ability to obtain your medical cannabis treatment needs with confidence and peace of mind, our experience is providing the upmost quality along with consistency having your best interest at heart, we’ll cultivate, manufacture personal cannabis treatment just for you.
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Searching for the Cure’s Founders Circle are the elite members who are part of a distinguished group of leadership donors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors who are like minded, sharing a deep commitment to Medical Cannabis Research and support for Patient Services providing compasionate care, vision, edcucational programs and services.

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PATIENT Resources

Our patient resources help cancer patients and their families currently fighting cancer providing guidance and support with diet, nutrition, and effectve administration of medicinal cannabis to help combat cancer. To access our Patient's Resource Area please register and login.

Thousands of cancer patients have found medical cannabis treatments to be a safe and effect non-toxic alternative to wetstern medicine.

Robert S


Lung Cancer Treatment


Searching For The Cure Thanks You for Your Support ~ Please Donate

Together We are Changing Lives Making a Difference Around the World with Cannabis Curing Cancer!
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HEALTH and Wellness

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Medical Marijuana News

DEA TWEAKS the Cannabis Law
  • 12/15/2016

United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on Wednesday set new cannabis extract laws by amending the Schedule I Controlled Substances Act to include tighter regulations for marijuana extracts, including cannabidiol (CBD).

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Health and Wellness

Are you ready to battle cancer?

What do you do when you've been diagnosed with cancer and how to preparen yourself to do battle.

Fight cancer with PH water

Our alternative treatment to fighting cancer is not just cannabis oil, it also combines PH Water and a diet of high alkalinity foods that supresses the growth of cancer cells.

Our PH Dietary Guideline
Healing Powers of Cannabis Oil


Searching for the Cure Foundation benefits from many different fundraising efforts. From our own Crowdfunding Campaigns, honoring a loved one or celebrating a special occasion, your family, friends and neighbors are raising thousands of dollars for our Cancer Patients and their families.

Around the World in 45 Days - Crowdfunding

Our Around the World in 45 Days Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo will help us fund our educational documentary, Searching For The Cure, currently in production.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Individuals and community organizations play a huge role with Searching for the Cure's work by raising critical funds to support our high-impact programs.